Meet Our Teammates

Deposit Operations

A Day in the Life of Deposit Operations - Specialists

We are responsible for processing ACH, Payments, Wire Transfers, Overdrafts, Deposits, Returns, Verifications, Account Openings, Refunds, CD Support and Card Services. Our inquiries originate primarily from the contact center and from branches. Because these business lines often have a member on the telephone or waiting at the branch and it is critical that we quickly respond to phone/email inquiries. Our dependable and timely responses directly contribute to the member satisfaction and NPS scores received by our credit union partners.

First Mortgage

A Day in the Life of First Mortgage Specialists

Purchasing a home is an exciting time and probably the single largest purchase most people will make. We realize that the purchase process can create anxiety and confusion for some members. We speak with our members many times during the purchase process to ensure they understand how their loan application is progressing, answer any questions they may have, gather documentation and explain every step of underwriting, processing, and closing to ensure that we make it to the settlement table on time.

Contact Center

A Day in the Life of a Member Service Representative

The Contact Center is comprised of approximately 200 representatives. Approximately 165 sales and service representatives work in our largest center which is located in Baltimore; we also have a Contact Center in Denver, Colorado which has approximately 35 service representatives.

Between the two centers we handle an average of 6,200 telephone and email servicing interactions per day.

Our service calls are comprised of member inquiries for deposit and loan account balance, checks cleared, deposits, withdrawals, advances, statements, password resets. Members also request debit cards, wire transfers and other account maintenance.

Our sales calls are comprised of members who want to submit applications for first mortgage, home equity, credit card, auto, boat, and personal loans. We talk with the member to understand their financial goals and recommend the product that best meets their lending needs. We receive approximately 1,000 calls per day.

Representatives receive formal training, and coaching and feedback sessions to assess recorded calls. We also receive monthly progress reviews to help us achieve performance results and personal development goals.

Consumer Lending

A Day in the Life of Consumer Loan Specialists

Our team of 65 members is responsible for consumer direct and indirect loan originations and servicing for each of our three credit union partners. In Loan Originations, we collect and review documentation needed for new loan packages and underwrite so that we can give quick and prudent lending decisions; we also finalize documents and schedule settlement dates. Our Loan Servicing team perfects liens, processes titles, performs account maintenance, and is responsible for research and resolution of member inquiries.

Home Equity Lending

A Day in the Life of Home Equity Specialists

Home Equity Loans allow members to use equity from their home to fund big ticket items such as home remodeling, college tuition, or a dream vacation. We realize that these expenditures are important for our members and we take prompt and dependable action to manage loan applications and guide our members during processing, underwriting, and closing activities.

Real Estate Servicing

A Day in the Life of Real Estate Servicing Specialists

After our members purchase a new loan then the Real Estate Servicing Team steps in. We are familiar with every real estate product offered by our partners and understand the details of insurance and tax escrow and payment processing, investor servicing, and research to resolve member inquiries. We ensure timely disbursement of escrow funds; investor reports; and year-end tax documents.


A Day in the Life of a Collections Specialist

We are a team of professional collectors who courteously call on members whose loan accounts have reached delinquent status. We work with members facing difficult circumstances and are committed to helping them understand repayment options that are practical and manageable.

S3 Training

A Day in the Life of a Trainer

Corporate and department trainers at S3 create dynamic learning environments to provide team members with the skills necessary to achieve success. In our New Hire training program we explain our company values to help team members understand the responsibility that we each have to contribute to a professional and engaging work atmosphere. Our foundational training includes learning products and services, systems, and processes so that job duties can be completed successfully, accurately, and quickly. We also facilitate classes specifically designed to enhance professional development for those in manager positions. Whether new or experienced to the manager position, these classes are intended to help managers achieve success in leadership roles.

S3 Compliance

A Day in the Life of a Compliance Specialist

The role our compliance officer, is to make sure that a company is conducting its business in full compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations that pertain to the financial industry, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal standards.

Sometimes this requires deciphering confusing or abstract laws or ethics and determining how to establish and integrate best practices. We must have great people skills and be able to communicate and cooperate up, down, and across the employee chain - and must simultaneously have a firm grasp of the business. We are responsible for ensuring that the S3 staff has the proper access to resources and training materials that enable them to understand and manage member information in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Project Management Office

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

Our project management team is responsible to deliver projects that provide operational efficiency and workflow improvements through process and/or technology enhancements. We facilitate informal and formal discussions in a highly collaborative environment to regularly communicate with our credit union partners and stakeholders. Our projects are completed using the waterfall approach and agile methodology. We write business cases and business requirements documents; gather and analyze data; align resources, and manage project plans and deployment schedules.

S3 Technology

Collaboration between Baltimore and Denver

S3 is a dynamic company committed to supporting the operational needs of our partners. We use various technologies, including telepresence, to effectively and collaboratively communicate in a manner that drives meaningful outcomes while building positive relationships.